Looking for DIY Pixel Artworks and Mosaic beads ? Welcome to visit us in Shenzhen Toy Fair.

Hey, guys. Welcome to visit us during the annual Shenzhen Toy Fair. The 36th International Toy and Educational Products (Shenzhen) Exhibition are helding at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center from April 8-10, 2024.



Artkal beads, the brand under UKENN Toys Group, ranges the good reputation among top enterprises in the field of educational toys. With a diverse range of DIY projects, Pixel Artworks, New designed ironing beads kit, and surprising blind gift sets, we attracted various of toy distributors and bulk purchase team from all over the world.

For the past 16 years of manufacture experience, we focus on supplying ironing beads for both of wholesalers & chain stores like Walmart, Disney. And also for retailers like the owner of Amazon online stores, Shopify stores,etc. 

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Especially the top and hot selling items:

Artkal beads 200+ Colors 5mm Midi Perler  Beads & DIY Beads sets

Item number: S-1KG, really popular for bulk buyers & wholesales.

Including around 16500 beads, weight around 1kg per pack.

200+ colors for selection as below.

If you need further customization requirements of Pixel Artworks and Mosaic beads, please leave me the messages or email.

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