Santa Claus gets on the pumpkin cart


This is a new fairy tale we created with artkal beads,you also can use your own imagination to create your own fairy tales

Once upon a Christmas Eve, Santa Claus found himself in a bind. His sleigh had broken down and he needed to deliver presents to all the good children around the world. Just when he was about to give up hope, a magical pumpkin carriage pulled up beside him. It was driven by none other than Cinderella herself.

Without hesitation, Cinderella offered to help Santa Claus. She hitched up her pumpkin carriage to the reindeer and together they set off into the night. As they journeyed through the skies, Santa Claus and Cinderella chatted about their lives and shared stories of their adventures.

Finally, they arrived at Santa Claus's workshop where Cinderella was welcomed with open arms. The elves were amazed by the magical pumpkin carriage and Cinderella even helped them finish up some last-minute wrapping.

Before Cinderella headed back to her own kingdom, Santa Claus offered her a ride on his repaired sleigh. But Cinderella declined and instead hopped into her trusty pumpkin carriage, bidding Santa Claus farewell as she rode off into the night. From that night on, Santa Claus and Cinderella became good friends and their unlikely encounter became a belovedChristmas tale told for generations to come.

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